Healthy chickens. 

Happy owners! 

Supplies for backyard chickens, and gifts for their humans from Henny+Roo, the first and only subscription boxes for chicken keepers! 

Three ways to join the Henny+Roo flock

We make it easy to get products not available at your local feed store, build your poultry first aid kit, try new treats and coop items to keep your flock healthy and happy, and enjoy carefully selected chicken-themed gifts for yourself or a gift.

Most Popular: Supplies & Gifts by Subscription

We share our own line of chicken keeping goods and gifts and introduce you to products from other companies through our monthly Supply & Gift boxes. You can trust you’re receiving products that are not only useful, but a joyful celebration of our chicken keeping culture.

Treats Only Delivered Monthly

Say thank you for all those fresh eggs! Whether you give them treats to encourage foraging, train them to return to their coop, or just because you want them to love you, the Treats Only box is for you. Each month, you'll get three full-sized, high-quality treats delivered to your door. 

Shop and Ship without a Subscription

Need treats? First aid items? Fun gifts for the chicken keeper in your life (even if that's you)? Purchase products without a subscription from our past boxes and items never before offered via our subscription service. Orders ship within 2 business days.

Let's get started

For over four years, Henny+Roo has provided a monthly subscription service for backyard chicken keepers, providing the treats your flock loves, wellness and first aid items to keep them healthy, and fun gifts for you. Sign up for monthly deliveries, or order past boxes and more from our Shop. Makes a unique and thoughtful gift! 

Our Subscribers Say

"I love this subscription. Every month, I look forward to see what goodies are going to come in the box. The fun treats, helpful meds, and fun things for me makes it worth it. I am so excited to continue receiving my boxes." - Kellyn, Facebook

"The only thing I wish about Henny+Roo is that I had started it earlier. I love the thoughtful selections and variety in each box - high quality items that cost less than if you purchased them individually. When I see my box at my doorstep, I'm excited to see what's inside for me and my hens!" - Katherine, Facebook

"Great company with excellent boxes = happy chickens and owners!" - Mitchell, Facebook

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