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Back on a Saturday morning in July, 2015, my family gathered around our dog and helped her open the subscription box we'd ordered for her, full of treats and toys. Later that day, my 8 year old daughter asked, "Wouldn't it be cool if our chickens got their own box of treats?" I began to research subscription boxes for chickens, and was surprised to learn that despite the growing popularity of subscription boxes for pets, there was no subscription supporting backyard chicken keepers. Along with the help of my family, I quickly set out to start the first box if its kind, and we launched Henny+Roo in October, 2015. Today, we remain the first and only subscription box for chickens and their owners.

Chicken keepers ourselves, we would never include an item in our boxes that doesn't get our flock's cluck of approval. Whether its our proprietary line of supplies and gifts, or the products one of our many poultry company partners, we supply chicken keepers with the highest quality products to raise healthy, happy chickens. 

Henny+Roo boxes make the perfect gift for the chicken keeper in your life (even if that's you)! Show your loved one that you support their favorite hobby by purchasing a subscription or a gift from our Shop.

NEW! Check out our our sister site, Urban Farm Style, where you can find farm and garden-themed apparel and gifts. 

Thanks for visiting! Please contact us with any questions at info@hennyandroo.com. 


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