Product Partnerships

The companies who partner with Henny+Roo provide high-quality products for backyard chickens keepers 

High-quality and useful

When considering a product to include in our monthly boxes, we always ask ourselves, "Is this product high-quality?" Then, "Is this product useful?" If the answer to either question is, "no," the product will not make it inside our boxes. The following are companies who have featured content in past Henny+Roo boxes.


American Excelsior, Amitea Organics, Animal Health Solutions, A Piece of the Farm, Arrowhead Animal Health

Backyard Poultry Magazine, Bag Balm

Charcoal House, ChickenGuard, Chicken Whisperer Magazine, Chick-O-Rama, Chubby Mealworms, Comfort Chickens Homestead

DooKashi, Dr. Naylor's Blu-Kote, Duck Feather Herbs, Duckish Natural Skin Care, Espoma, Exotic Nutrition

Farmers Helper, First Aid Creams Company, First Saturday Lime, Foul Play Products, FreeRange SkinCare

GardenMaker, Goodwinol Products, Grit Magazine, Grubbly Farms 

Happy Hen Treats, Hard Boiled Hens, Hentastic Treats, Hoover's Hatchery, Hutzler Manufacturing Company


Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily, Little Red Hen Candy Company, Lixit, Lucerne Farms, Lumino, Luv Nest

Melissa Caughey of Tilly's Nest, MiracleCorp., My Urban Coop


Omlet USA, Orglamix

Pacific Bird Supply, Prospero Art

Rainbow Mealworms, RopaPharm, Resolve Sustainable Solutions

Sarah Rosedahl Art, Sav-A-Chick Products, Scratch and Peck Feeds, Seehafer Shores, Sierra Sage Herbs, Simone Chickenbone, Story Publishing, St. Lynn's Press, SummerHawk Ranch, Sweet Olive Soap Works, Sweet PDZ

Tasty Worms, The Chicken Coop Company, The Chicken Fountain, The City Girl Farm, The Colour of Water, The Crazy Chicken Lady of New Hampshire Soaps, The King and I, Tractor Supply

Veterinary & Poultry Supply Inc., Volkman Seed Factory

We are always looking for new, innovative, high-quality, and useful products for our subscribers. If you have a product you think our backyard chicken keepers will love, please email