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2018 August Box without a Subscription


Product Description

This is a great way to try out a Henny & Roo box without a commitment!

Our monthly boxes contain products for chickens (treats, supplements, coop and first aid items), and useful items for chicken keepers. Out August 2018 box features:

- 8 oz. bottle of Scalex: A natural organic insecticide for use on birds and cage surfaces to control lice and feather mites.

- Chicken Whisperer Magazine: An up-to-date and comprehensive educational guide to everything chickens.

- Nail Clippers: A chicken's nails contain a vein that will bleed if the nail is cut too far towards the toe. The vein can usually be seen under the nail of chickens with light colored nails. Always trim conservatively to avoid nicking the vein.

- Henny+Roo Logo Water Bottle: Hydration is important for your flock, and you!

- Henny+Roo 3 in 1 Vitamins, Electrolytes, and Probiotics: Electrolytes optimize health and hydration during hot weather and times of stress. Vitamins are necessary for all cellular functions. And probiotics help beneficial bacteria grow in the digestive tract, aiding digestive health. Now you can support your flock (chicks and adults) with just one product.

- Hentastic Treats Probiotic Pellets: Mix with regular poultry ration or scatter on the ground to promote foraging.

- Mealworms from Wildlife Sciences: Always a flock favorite! Try soaking in cool water to rehydrate during hot weather. Always provide plenty of fresh water when feeding dried foods.

- Nesting Box Liner: In every box.

Place your order before they are gone!

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