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Glory Hen Pin - Fundraiser


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Product Description

You might remember Glory, our patriotic hen that we had printed on a tote in 2017 as a fundraiser for Coops for Troops. Now, she's back as a nickel-plated enamel pin (approximately 1.75" tall), perfect for displaying your love of country and coop! We will donate $5 from each purchase to Coops for Troops, a nonprofit organization providing US military veterans with chickens, coops and supplies as a means to combat PTSD. Get your pin now, and check out for more information about Coops for Troops. *This item ships free when combined with another purchase from our Shop (not including monthly boxes without subscriptions). Our system will charge you for shipping, but we will refund this charge when we process the shipment. You'll see notification of this refund as a separate email.

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