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2018 September Box without a Subscription


Product Description

This is a great way to try out a Henny+Roo box without a commitment!

Head into Autumn with fun and useful gifts for you and your flock! In our September Box, you'll receive:

- Our exclusive Gather waist egg collecting apron

- A big 1.5 pound bag of Henny+Roo Pecktacular Shrimp Treat for Poultry

- Henny+Roo Coop Complete Dried Herbs for the coop and nesting boxes

- A washable dust mask for safe coop cleaning

- Lanolin Agg-Tval, a lovely Swedish egg yolk facial soap

- Fly Ribbon for the coop

- Egg Scrubbie

This box is available in very limited supply and makes a great gift. Order today for happy chickens and owners! Ships within two business days.

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