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2018 November Box without a Subscription


Product Description

We are celebrating fall with the November Henny+Roo box!


The Chicken Medic Bag: Makes administering first aid easier as it provides a gentle restraint. Can also be used as a carrier for safe transport.

Chicken and Egg Socks: Warm your toes in the cutest purposefully mismatched socks. They will go great with your Thanksgiving Day outfit. Trust us.

Saline Solution and Irrigation Syringe: Use to safely flush debris from eyes or wounds. Saline has approximately the same salt content as blood, so it won't sting.

Poultry Paradise from Chubby Mealworms: This nutritional powerhouse not only contains protein packed mealworms, but includes a blend of US grown ingredients with vitamins & minerals to keep your flock in tip top shape and support egg-laying.

Chicken Toy: In the colder months, when flocks may spend more time cooped up, toys and treats are useful in keeping them occupied, active, and peaceful. Fill with Poultry Paradise for hours of fun.

"I like chickens and chickens like me" notepad, for jotting down the important things in life. Like ordering holiday gifts at:

Nesting Box Liner: In every box!

Only a few left - get yours now!

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