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2019 Winter Bonus Box


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Product Description

The Winter Bonus Box is here! We're so excited to share these products and our awesome product partners with you! We will start shipping this box on Wednesday, December 5 using USPS 2-Day Priority Mail.

This box is in very limited supply and makes a terrific holiday gift for anyone with a passion for poultry. Included is a big, 1 pound bag of Grubblies - guaranteed to make your chickens come running. And for your tree, a lovely laser-cut and hand painted hen ornament from the folks at C/SA creative.

You'll also get a Rockey Peck Toy from Omlet USA, which hangs from the top of the coop or run so it won't get dirty, and when filled with Grubblies, will provide boredom-busting fun for your flock through the cold months.

Also included is the book, Locally Laid: How We Built a Plucky, Industry-Changing Egg Farm - From Scratch, a fun and informative memoir from author Lucie B. Amundsen who never thought she'd be an egg farmer (many of us can relate, right?).

You'll also receive Henny+Roo's very own Coop Complete Dried Herbs for extra nutrients, coop freshness and pest repellent; and our Peppermint Lavender Comb and Wattle Salve for frostbite prevention; and a coupon for 10% off your first Henny+Roo subscription.

If bought separately, the items in this box would cost $75, not including shipping. Get yours before they sell out!

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