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The Egg Box


Product Description

Treat your hens to products that improve the quality of their eggs and gifts that celebrate your chicken keeping experience! The Egg Box ships within 2 business days and contains TEN items including:

A big 1.5 pound bag of high protein Pecktacular Shrimp Treat for Poultry

"Laid with Love" Egg Stamp*

Omega 3 Poultry Forage Seeds and a mesh mason jar lid for straining indoor sprouts. Seeds can also be fed directly to hens.

Our "Gather" Egg Collecting Waist Apron

3 oz. bag of Dried Calendula Flowers for deep yellow yolks

Farmstead Egg Guide and Cookbook

Oyster Shell sample from Scratch and Peck Feeds

4 oz. Deviled Egg Mix from Hi Mountain Seasonings

*Inkpad is currently out of stock. An equivalently priced item will be substituted.

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