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2019 February Box without a Subscription


Product Description

Not the subscription type? Ordering a February box without a subscription is a great way to try us out. Our February box features:

❤️ Our new Watercolor Hens canvas snap-top tote

❤️ Wolf PeeShot from Predator Pee

❤️ Canvas work gloves

❤️ Henny+Roo Coop Complete Dried Herbs

❤️ Sample of Chicken Chew brand non-GMO feed from My Urban Coop

❤️ ClotIt natural blood stop

❤️ Mealworms from Wildlife Sciences

❤️ Replacement compostable nesting box pad

This is not a subscription - after you receive this box, you will not receive any additional boxes, and your card will not be charged again. We hope you love it!

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