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2019 August Box without a Subscription


Product Description

Our monthly subscribers are enjoying their August Henny+Roo boxes, and we’ve got just a few left featuring:

Chick Fresh: Tired of a smelly coop? A few sprays a day will eliminate odor and provide a healthier environment for you and your chickens. Can also be used in litter boxes, cages, nests, carpets, or furniture. 

Hentastic Treats Corn, Peanut and Mealworm Treats:  Use in dispenser we included in our January 2018 box, or just throw it in for a healthy treat and boredom buster.

Faux Eggs: Place in nesting boxes to direct new layers where to lay.

Arrowhead Health First Aid Wraps: a stronger, better-gripping and longer-lasting wrap that will not stick to feathers. 

Oregano or Poppy Seed Treats: Try a new treat we're sure your flock will love! All natural and health enhancing. 

"Yes, I Do Need All These Chickens" Tumbler: Is it even a question? Enjoy your cool summertime drinks and start a fun conversation. 

Barnyard Coffee: Farmyard Blend is their top seller, and makes a delicious iced coffee. 5 servings.

JavaMelts: Turns an ordinary cup of coffee to extraordinary!

Nesting Box Liner: In every box! For use with mature hens.

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