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2019 October Box without a Subscription


Product Description

Not the subscription type? Ordering an October box without a subscription is a great way to try us out, and includes:

Handmade Salted Caramels: We've included these yummy caramels in our October boxes since 2016 because we know how much our subscribers love them!

Flock Frenzy Sunflower Delight: When they're delighted, we're delighted. Right?

Little Hen Bracelet: A subtle display of your passion for poultry. Sterling silver plated.

Brown's Poultry Grit Plus: Not only is grit necessary for digesting food in the crop, this product also provides calcium for strong eggs.

Coop Recuperate: Treating litter to reduce odor, moisture and bacteria improves living conditions in the coop.

Bioaqua Egg Face Mask: A popular Korean beauty treatment that replaces skin moisture lost to indoor heating.

VetResponse Wound + Skin Solution: For skin irritations, debriding and cleaning of wounds, and accelerated healing.

Durvet Water Additive: Promotes general poultry health.

Nesting Box Liner: In every box! For use with mature hens only.

Order for yourself or the chicken mama you love!

This is not a subscription - after you receive this box, you will not receive any additional boxes, and your card will not be charged again.

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