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2020 January Box without a Subscription


Product Description

Just a few remain!

Get our 2020 January Box without signing up for monthly deliveries. This box contains:

Hentastic Treats (or substitute treat): High-protein treats to keep your flock happy and healthy.

Sweet PDZ Coop Refresher: Non-toxic, all natural and fully organically certified granular material ideal for coop applications. People, flock, and earth friendly. 100% organic materials used, no other additives.

Flock Party Mealworms:  Perfect for flocks with limited access to finding their own insect snacks. High in nutritious protein and fat.

Feed Bag Clip:  Large and strong enough to keep feed bags closed for freshness.

Sav-a-Chick Electrolytes:  Designed for small backyard flocks, each pre-measured packet mixes into one gallon of drinking water. Formulated specifically for chickens, ducks, turkeys, and other domestic poultry (chicks and adult birds). Supports hydration and bird health during periods of extreme weather or other stress.

Grow, Tend, Love Canvas Wristlet: Express yourself and your favorite hobbies in style. 

Chicken Poop Lip Balm: Combat winter dryness with all natural ingredients. Contains no poop!

Poultry Breed Guide: Get a jump on planning your 2020 flock with this excellent resource from our friends at Backyard Poultry Magazine.

Nesting Box Liner: In every box and compostable. For use with mature hens.

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