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2020 February Box without a Subscription


Product Description

Have you wanted to give Henny+Roo a try, but are new to subscription or surprise boxes? We get it! Here's a chance to try us out without a subscription. Order the February Henny+Roo box, and you'll get:

Farmers Helper Ultrakibble: A fun treat for your birds with high-quality protein and fiber in the form of fish meal, salmon meal, and dried peas. Simulates and Encourages Natural Foraging.

3 one-use packets of witchhazel: A natural anti-inflammatory for your poultry first aid kit. Use to clean wounds and injuries to face and head (not eyes); apply to vent prolapse to tighten skin and reduce pain and swelling.

Brooder Bottle Caps: Fits a standard recycled soda bottle, providing clean water to baby chicks or birds in isolation cage. 

Chicken Love Sign: Handmade and rustic, fitting any decor. 

Rooster Lollipop: Because kids shouldn't get all the sweets on Valentine's Day!

Egg Stamp and Nontoxic Ink Pad: Handmade rubber stamp adds some extra love to your shared eggs.

The New Pioneer Magazine: Self-efficacy and sustainability are beautiful things. Learn tips for simple living and small farm animal care.

Nesting Box Liner: In every box! For mature hens only. Ships within 2 business days via USPS Priority 2 Day Mail.

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