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2021 March Box without Subscription


Product Description

The Henny+Roo March 2021 Box is a celebration of Spring and includes:

Henny+Roo Pecktacular Mealworms and Grains: A perfect source of protein when chickens are spending more time in the run.

Chicken Whisperer Magazine: Educational information on the health, nutrition, raising, and breeding of chickens.

BVS Dry Cider Vinegar: Supplemental source of vinegar and a mild acidifier for poultry water. Use only in plastic waterers (not metal). Divide contents of packet into thirds, mix 1 third with 1 gallon of water, and use 1 oz of water/vinegar mix per 1 gallon of clean water. Store remaining mixture in cool, dark location.

Dried Calendula Flowers: Provides vitamins, minerals and fiber, and promotes golden egg yolks. Sprinkle in nesting boxes, bedding, or in feed.

Horizontal Waterer Nozzle: Use a 11/32 drill bit to drill a hole in any size bucket, pitcher, or other container, and screw in the nozzle. Prevents dripping, and keeps water clean.

Spring Hens Zipper Pouch: A cute spring pouch for carrying your essentials. Matching tote is available now in the 2021 Spring Bonus Box.

Distressed Silver Resin Hen: Freshen up your Spring decor with your favorite bird!

Nesting Box Liner: In every box, compostable. For use with mature birds.

The items in this box retail at over $60. Order now, while supplies last!

Accessories pictured are not included and are used to demonstrate the size of the pouch.

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