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2021 Spring Bonus Box


Product Description

It's only February, but we've got our eye on Spring! Our Spring Bonus Box features three unique products for your flock, and two for you (because, you deserve them).

Spring Hens Tote (matches the Spring Hens Zipper Pouch from the March 2021 Henny+Roo Chicken Keepers Box)

The cutest set of tiny wooden hen earrings for pierced ears.

Texas Haynet Busy Bag - Designed specifically for poultry, this chicken feeder is the perfect boredom buster. The Busy Bag is great for fresh produce, scraps, and other healthy treats for chickens. The Busy Bag keeps chickens focused on working for food instead of picking on coop mates. Safe and gentle on beaks.

3 oz. bag of Dried Calendula Flowers - Calendula (marigold) is a poultry super food. It not only promotes healing and is an antioxidant, but it also repels insects in the coop. When eaten, calendula contributes to bright golden yolks. Dried calendula goes a long way! Mix about 1/4c with fresh, clean nesting box and/or bedding material.

8 oz. bag of Grubbets dried grubs. Trust us, your chickens will come running for this high-protein, environmentally sustainable treat!

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