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The Chicken Medic Bag - Small (Bantam)


Product Description

Note - Photographed is the regular size, for standard chicken sizes. This listing is for the Bantam size, which fits younger birds, most silkies, bantams, etc. The Chicken Medic Bag is used to securely restrain poultry for the purpose of administering first aid for medical issues, illnesses, injuries and wellness checkups. The Chicken Medic Bag has an opening in the front of the bag for the head to go through for treating diseases and injuries to the eyes, beak, comb and wattles and for administering medication and vitamins. The bottom of the bag has velcro openings/closures for each leg/foot for medical treatment of the leg and feet for such injuries as sprains, bumblefoot, trimming toenails or removing and filing of spurs. The Chicken Medic Bag has inside straps with velcro to first restain poultry in crouch position. The Chicken Medic Bag has an outside strap for hanging the bag for hands-free medical treatment and for carrying your chicken. Great for restraining and transporting your small chicken.

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