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SALE! 3 Chicken Salad Seed Packets


Product Description

This seed mix is for those of you who love to spoil your flock: the greens are ones chickens especially love to eat and are especially good for them! All seeds are non-GMO, and we've sourced, printed and packaged this in the USA. Use by date on package: 12/21 Sowing instructions are printed on the back: sow the seeds in the spring, summer or fall in a 9 ' x 9' plot and, 4 to 8 weeks later, let your flock loose on them. Or you could plant your seeds in containers—indoors or out—and clip the greens for your flock. Idea: make this seed mix the gift that keeps on giving by planting them in a raised bed for your chicken run. The protected, raised bed ensures the roots and stems of your plants will remain intact, so your flock can enjoy their greens as they grow through the hardware cloth on top. Sell by date on package: 12/21 Contains: Broccoli Waltham, Purple Top Turnip, Bracco White Mustard, Forage Kale, Ladino Clover. Net Weight .5 oz

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