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2021 September Box without a Subscription


Product Description

Missed the September box? Here's your chance to grab one before they're gone!

- Flock Party Shrimp Delish: Reward your backyard beauties for each spectacular egg and every entertaining moment!

- 3 Carabiners: So you'll always have them on hand for many coop uses - hanging waterers and feeders, securing enclosures, etc.

- 8 oz. Dried Spearmint: Helps repel mice and bugs in the coop, and is safe for chickens to eat (in fact it lowers body temperature to keep birds cool). Sprinkle in feed, nesting boxes, or on the coop floor.

- RopaPoultry supplement: Oregano oils provide antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial benefits.

- Chicken Whisperer Magazine: Advice, stories, and photos for backyard chicken enthusiasts.

- 2 Faux Eggs: Place in nesting boxes to direct new layers where to lay.

- Watercolor Hens Scarf: You'll only find this at Henny+Roo! Perfect weight for transitioning between seasons and showing off your passion for poultry.

- Hen Print Brew Buddy: Another H+R exclusive product! Fits your favorite large-size take out drink. Insulates and stops condensation mess.

- Nesting Box Liner: In every box. For use with mature hens.

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