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The Henny+Roo 2021 Winter Bonus Box


Product Description

It's here, and ready for early shipping so that you don't have to worry about the predicted shipping delays this holiday season!

Inside, you'll find specially selected items sure to delight any chicken keeper (and their flock)!

"Fresh Eggs" Reusable Egg Container - sturdy plastic carton with lid, using high-quality outdoor vinyl for the lettering. Holds 12 eggs. Hand wash only when needed.

Handmade Rooster Ornament - makes a cute, farmhouse style decoration year 'round.

2022 Calendar Wall-Hanging/Kitchen Towel - a calendar that won't go to waste when the year is over!

Chicken Love Egg Stamp - Puts the finishing touch on eggs sold or gifted.

Flock Party Shrimp Delish - Reward your backyard beauties for each spectacular egg and every entertaining moment with high-quality protein. 10 oz resealable bag.

Exotic Nutrition Egg-Celent Chicken Nesting Herbs - A healthy feed supplement including tasty flowers, 100% Natural herbs, and calcium carbonate for laying hens.

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