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Chicken Treat Variety Box


Product Description

A great way to try 8 different high-quality treats from a variety of companies!

Henny+Roo Pecktacular Grains, 24 oz.

Flock Frenzy Sunflower and Raisin Treat, 24 oz.

Farmers Helper Forage Cake, 16 oz.

Chubby Mealworms, US Grown, 6 oz.

Grubbets Black Soldier Fly Larvae, 4 oz.

Exotic Nutrition EZ Worms, 2 oz.

Pine Tree Farms Le Petit Hen Pecked Poultry Cake, 7.5 oz

Exotic Nutrition Eggcelent Herb Treat, 2 oz. *Products may be substituted for an item of equal or greater value based on stock levels.*

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